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Rob Tucker has always had a passion for technology. Rob’s first proper experience of technology was when he got his iPod Touch fourth generation in 2011. Once he turned thirteen in 2015 and had upgraded to a first generation iPad Mini, he decided to start YouTube. Since then, Rob has moved channels a few times but has now amassed over 178,000 subscribers as of March 2022. In February 2022, he decided to change the brand of his channel TutorialTucker to GuideRealm.

Rob is a new writer and is quickly learning and picking up skills from some great writers. As we previously mentioned Rob has been creating YouTube videos for over seven years now and has specifically been dedicated to creating “How-to” content since the end of 2019. In his earlier days of creating content, it was mainly centered around gaming, specifically Minecraft and still creates guides about the game to this day!

Rob has created multiple guides which have acheived over 1 million views which is one of his greatest acheivements. Also, he hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in July 2021 which is his biggest in his opinion. It was a large goal for Rob for many years to acheive this.

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