add mods to minehut

Do you want to add mods to your Minehut server? If so, we will explain the exact steps you need to follow.

Minecraft mods can completely change the game and can create a brand new experience, so it’s worth trying them. But, playing modded Minecraft with friends is extremely fun, so it’s useful to know how to add mods to a Minehut server.

Also, we have a full video on this which you can watch at the bottom of the page.

Lets get right in to this!

Add mods to Minecraft

If you want to join a Minecraft server which has mods installed, you need to have the mods installed on your computer as well.

1. Download and install Forge

Firstly, you need to download and install Forge.

Forge is an add-on for Minecraft which allows for mods to be added and used.

The version of Forge you download is very important, because everything needs to match up.

For example, if you download Forge for Minecraft 1.17.1, then the mods you download will need to be 1.17.1 as well and the server needs to be running on 1.17.1.

But, don’t worry because we will explain all of the steps.

When you start the download for Forge, you may be taken to an ad wall.

Be very careful with what you click on, as they’re may be dangerous links.

Wait for the “Skip Ad” button in the top right to become available, which is usually after 5 seconds.

Now, Forge should be downloading to your computer.

Once Forge has been downloaded, click on the installer.

A window called “Mod system installer” should open up.

forge mod system installer 1

However, if nothing happens or something else opens, this is because you don’t have Java installed.

So, go to and click on the download button. Once it has finished downloading, open the installer and follow the instructions. It’s very easy.

Now, Java is installed. right click on the Forge installer and tap on “Open with”.

open with option after right clicking

Then, you need to look for Java and select it. You may need to click on “More apps”. Now, open Forge using Java and it will launch.

how do you want to open this file forge

The Forge installer will now load and it will look like this:

forge mod system installer 2

Make sure “Install client” is selected and click “Ok” to start the install process.

Forge will download multiple files, and install them. Sit back and relax.

Once it has finished installing, you will get a notification saying “Complete”.

complete of forge

Forge is now installed on your computer.

2. Download and install mods on to Minecraft

Secondly, you need to download and install the mods you would like on your server, on to Minecraft on your computer first.

If there is a specific mod you would like, then you can search for it and make sure you search for the Forge version you have installed as well (Minecraft version).

Or, if you want to browse for mods, then you could check out

We wanted the Just Enough Items (JEI) mod for Minecraft, so we found it on PlanetMinecraft and went to the files section. Then, we had to scroll back until we found the version of the mod for Minecraft 1.17.1 because as we previously mentioned, everything needs to be the same version.

So, download the mod you would like.

Next, you need to install the mod on to Minecraft.

So, on your keyboard, press the Windows key (the windows logo) and “R” at the same time.

This will open up the Run window.

You can type in the name of a program, folder, document or internet resource, and Windows will open it for you.

You need to type in “%appdata%”.

appdata run program

Then, press “Ok”.

Now, you will be taken to your Roaming folder.

So, click on “.minecraft” which should be one of the first folders.

Look for a folder titled “mods”, if you cannot see one, then you need to create a new folder and call it “mods”.

To create a new folder, right click on some empty space, then click on “New” from the menu, and then “Folder”.

Next, you need to drag the mod you downloaded in to the mods folder.

You have successfully installed a mod on Minecraft!

Add mods to Minehut

Now, you need to go to and log-in to your account.

Choose the server you want to add the mods to from the Server list. It’s important to note that you will lose the current world because it will be reset in the process of adding the mods.

1. Set the version of the server

To the left of the “Activate Server” button, you will see the version of Minecraft that the server is currently running.

change version on minehut

Click on the version, and you will be able to change the Server Software.

For the Server Type, you need to select “Spigot”, and for the Server Version, you need to select the version you have installed Forge for and the version of the mods you have installed as well.

Click “Save Changes” when you’re finished.

server software on minehut

Next, you need to click on “Activate Server” and the server will begin to start.

Once it has loaded, you will be taken to the dashboard for the server.

2. Upload the mod to Minehut

At the top of the dashboard, there is a navigation menu. You need to click on “File Manager”.

file manager on minehut

Now, scroll down and you will see all of the folders. You need to create a new folder.

Click on the “New Folder” button. The icon looks like a folder with a plus on it.

create folder on minehut

Name the folder “mods”.

Next, you need to click on the folder you just created.

Once you are in the folder, you need to click on the “Upload file” button, which is next to the “New Folder” button. The icon for the Upload file button looks like a file with an arrow facing upwards.

upload file on minehut

A window titled “Upload Files” will appear and you need to click on the paper clip and a file explorer will launch. You need to upload the mod file. You may need to go back to the Minecraft mods folder and copy and paste the mod somewhere which is easily accessible to find and upload the file.

Now you have successfully added a mod to Minehut!

You should restart the server by clicking on the “Restart” button.

Open Minecraft and join the server

Go and open up the Minecraft launcher.

Next to the “Play” button on Minecraft, you can choose which version of Minecraft you would like to run.

Make sure you select the Forge version and click “Play”.

Minecraft will now load, and you need to go to the Multiplayer menu.

Then, you can add your Minehut server and join it!


Final words

Now you know how to add mods to a Minehut server!

We hope you found this useful.

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