buy robux with apple gift card

Do you want to buy Robux using an Apple gift card? Well, we’ve got you covered.

You may have been given an Apple gift card or maybe you bought it yourself, and want to buy Robux using it.

We will explain two different ways you can do this, in case one doesn’t work for you.

Let’s get right into this!

Method 1: Purchase Robux directly with your Apple gift card

Here is the first method where we will explain how you can directly purchase Robux with your Apple gift card.

1. Redeem your Apple gift card

Firstly, you need to redeem your Apple gift card on your Apple ID.

So, open up the Apple App Store on your device. By default, the App Store app should be on your home page.

After you have opened the App Store, tap on the Account button in the top right. It looks like a silhouette of a single person.

account button in app store

This will open the Account page.

If you already have some credit on your Apple ID, you will be able to view your balance on this page.

Under the second option, you will see “Credit:”

But, in order to redeem a gift card, you need to tap on the option which says “Redeem Gift Card or Code”.

credit and redeem gift card button in app store

Now, you can either redeem your gift card by using your device’s camera, and scanning the code, or alternatively, you can enter the code manually by typing it in.

use camera or enter code to redeem apple gift card

So, make your choice and redeem your gift card.

After you have redeemed your gift card, your credit will increase by the value of the gift card you redeemed.

You can view your credit by going back to the Account page.

2. Open the Roblox app

Next, you need to open the Roblox app on your device. If you have not already got it, then open up the App Store again and search for “Roblox” and download it.

This must be done within the Roblox app.

Also, make sure you log in to the account you would like to purchase the Robux on.

You don’t want to end up purchasing Robux using the wrong account!

Open the Roblox app and move on to the next step.

3. Purchase Robux using Apple gift card

Now, you need to tap on the Robux icon in the top right of your screen, in between the search icon and notification icon.

robux icon to buy robux on roblox

This will open a page where you can buy Robux. You can also view your current Robux balance as well at the top of the page.

You need to decide how much Robux you would like to purchase.

Just make sure the total cost is less than the credit you have on your account.

So, choose a package and tap on the amount of Robux you would like to buy.

robux packages you can buy on roblox app

Next, Apple Pay will be launched.

At the top of the Apple Pay menu, you will see your bank card.

It’s important to note that your Apple Store credit will be used up before your card is charged, so if you just want to pay using your App Store credit, make sure the Robux you are buying is less or the same as the amount of credit you have.

Below your card, you will see what you are purchasing, and below this, you will see your Apple ID account and the price.

So, to confirm your purchase you need to double-click the side button.

apple pay screen when purchasing robux on roblox

It will take a few seconds to process, and then the Robux will be added to your account, and your balance will increase.

To confirm that you paid using your App Store credit, open the App Store and go to the Account page again. Then, you can see that the credit will have decreased because you bought Robux.

Method 2: Sell or trade your Apple gift card

If you have been unable to do the first method we explained, then an alternative is trading or selling your Apple gift card.

You could find a friend or somebody else who has a Roblox gift card, and trade it with them for the Apple gift card.

Alternatively, you could sell your Apple gift card to somebody and use the money you get to purchase Robux.

There are many different ways you could sell it. For example, you could list it online, or just sell it to a family member.

Then, you can purchase a Roblox gift card, or you can pay for Robux using your credit or debit card.

Final words

We hope you found this useful and that you managed to purchase your Robux with your gift card.

If you use Cash App, then we have written a guide on purchasing Robux using Cash App as well!

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