can you use paypal on onlyfans

OnlyFans is incredibly popular nowadays, so you probably want to subscribe to a certain content creator, and you want to use your PayPal for OnlyFans. Or, you might be thinking about becoming a content creator yourself, but wonder: Does OnlyFans take Paypal?

PayPal cannot be used on OnlyFans due to PayPal’s terms of service. PayPal forbids collaboration with services related to adult content which OnlyFans predominantly is. Therefore it is not possible to subscribe or withdraw on OnlyFans using PayPal.

To help you figure out whether you can use PayPal for OnlyFans in more depth, we’ve researched some information regarding this topic based on multiple sources.

Let’s get right into it!

Does OnlyFans Accept PayPal?

The short answer to this question is a simple no. Unfortunately, the company does not accept any form of PayPal transaction. So whether you are a content creator or a subscriber, you won’t be able to use your PayPal account to send/receive payments.

However, OnlyFans does accept most cards. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro/Debit cards, and only some prepaid Visa cards. Most of the other prepaid cards are not. Gift cards and Paypal are also on that restriction list.

We’ve found a couple of threads here and there on the “Can you pay for OnlyFans with PayPal” topic and people claiming that it is possible to use the PayPal Mastercard, but that does not seem to be true.

Why Doesn’t OnlyFans Take PayPal?

So, why exactly doesn’t this growing platform accept transactions from the largest payment processing platform in the world?

Well, currently, there are two legitimate speculations. Either OnlyFans does not want to put its users at risk because of PayPal’s loose chargeback policy. Or, it is because of PayPal’s TOS, which forbids collaboration with services related to adult content.

“Any adult content delivered digitally including video on demand (VOD) and web-cam activities. PayPal may be restricted from processing payments in certain jurisdictions for adult DVD’s, magazines and other adult themed products or services.”

Even though OnlyFans is not made for adult-oriented content only, it is definitely dominated by such content.

Will This Change In The Future?

We understand that many of you are dependent on PayPal’s payment services and on OnlyFans. However, at this time, it doesn’t look like these two companies will support each other soon.

It is highly unlikely that PayPal will change its Terms of Services for this one website. But, it’s not impossible to see a policy change in the future either.

What Is The Safest Way To Pay On OnlyFans?

If you dislike using your credit or debit card on OnlyFans and can’t use PayPal for the reasons we suggest using a virtual prepaid card.

A virtual prepaid card is where you can get a card number and the other details required for when paying online. You can register to a site such as Skrill, and then you can transfer money to your Skrill account.

You can then pay on OnlyFans using a prepaid card. Then You can reassured that your personal card details are safe.

However, when paying with a prepaid card you must remember to top up the card regularly as otherwise you may find your subscriptions are cancelled because there is not enough money on the card.


Any kind of OnlyFans – PayPal transactions are currently not impossible, so we suggest using your bank’s debit (MasterCard or Visa) card.