what is com samsung android messaging in google activity

Do you want to know what “com.samsung.android.messaging” is in your Google Activity? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Many apps and files come built-in when you buy android phones, including “com.samsung.android.messaging”.

So, if you are an android user, you may have noticed Com Samsung Android Messaging in Google Activity and you are curious about it and want to find out more.

What is this app and folder for? What does Com Samsung Android Messaging in Google Activity mean? Is it malware or spyware? How do you find and disable it? This post covers these queries. 

Let’s get right into this!

What does “com.samsung.android.messaging” mean?

First and foremost, we must explain what Com Samsung Android Messaging means.

Simply explained, it is the texting program that comes preloaded on Android phones.

You will find that “com.samsung.android.messaging” is present on most Android phones by Samsung. 

What is Com Samsung Android Messaging used for?

The package name for the Samsung Messages app is Com Samsung Android Messaging.

You can transfer text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) with this software on your Samsung phone.

Rich Communication Services (RCS), which enables users to transfer multimedia content, is used for messages on Samsung smartphones. This texting tool also allows you to access your carrier’s messaging system over the internet and add Emojis, your favorite stickers, and GIFs. 

Every smartphone has a messaging app, which serves the same function and Samsung devices have Com Samsung Android Messaging.

What does Com Samsung Android Messaging in Google Activity mean?

If you own a Samsung device, you are probably using the stock texting software. Simply because it appears on your activity list doesn’t imply that you are actively sending text messages. It might suggest that it was attempting to sync data with your Google Account.

If you find this app frequently appearing on your Google Activity display, it’s because you are receiving or sending MMS messages. That makes use of Multimedia Messaging Systems, which require the deployment of this Android package.

Is Com Samsung Android Messaging malware or spyware?

We are happy to inform you that “com.samsung.android.messaging” does not include any spyware or viruses. Spyware is software that is meant to spy on a user’s activity and, in the end, destroy or steal your data.

As we mentioned earlier, “com.samsung.android.messaging” is made by Android and is part of the messaging system on your device

So, it’s meant to be on your device and isn’t dangerous at all.

But, if you haven’t seen this type of file before, you may think it could be some sort of malware, but don’t worry, it isn’t.

Furthermore, it is covered by Play Protect Policies, ensuring your continued safety.

Can you disable “com.samsung.android.messaging”?

You may disable “com.samsung.android.messaging”, but you can not uninstall it.

Here’s how you can disable “com.samsung.android.messaging”:

  • First, open Settings on your Android.
  • Then, find the Apps option and click on it.
  • Scroll down and find the Messaging app, and click on it.
  • An App info window will appear. Click on the Force stop icon on the right-bottom of your phone screen. 

And there it is!

If you want to enable the “com.samsung.android.messaging”, you must repeat the same steps given above, and for the last step, click on Enable icon.

Final words

Now you know everything you need to know about “com.samsung.android.messaging”!

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