delete a minehut server

Do you want to delete your Minehut server? If so, we will explain the steps you need to follow to do so.

Without buying credits or a server plan on Minehut, you can only have two servers on your account, so it’s understandable why you may want to delete a server, so you can create a new one.

Lets get right in to this!

Can you delete a Minehut server?

At the moment, you cannot delete a server on Minehut. However, there are alternative ways you can delete a server and create more servers, which we will explain now.

We explain multiple different alternatives, so make sure you read them all to decide which will be best for you.

1. Create a new server

If you haven’t already created two servers on your account, then you can create another.

In order to create a new server, go to your Minehut dashboard and click “Create New Server” in the green box.

create new server button on minehut

Then, you need to type in a name for your new server. The name needs to be at least 4 characters, but cannot be longer than 12 characters.

Once you have entered the name, click “Create” in the green box.

naming a new server on minehut

You will then be taken back to your dashboard where you can activate your new server if you would like, and also change the version of Minecraft that it will run as well.

server version and activate server button on minehut

After you have activated the server, you can change more settings and customize the server more.

However, you may already have created two servers on your Minehut account, so this may not be an option.

2. Reset an existing Minehut server

You should consider resetting an existing server you have on your Minehut account, instead of deleting and creating a new one.

Resetting a server instead of deleting it and creating another is essentially the same thing.

When you reset a server, the world will be reset, as well as all of the player data and backups. Also, a lot of the settings will be changed to default as well.

It’s important to note that this process cannot be undone, so make sure you definitely want to restart.


In order to reset a server, you first need to go to your dashboard on Minehut.

Then, go to your Server List.

servers button on minehut dashboard

Now, you need to choose the server which you want to reset.

Once you have decided, click on “Activate Server” and wait for it to start.

After the server has started, you need to scroll right to the bottom of the Settings page, which you should be on by default.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a section titled “Danger Zone”.

This section contains actions which can cause you to lose progress. You should be careful when using these and consider backing up your server, and downloading the backup to your computer.

danger zone section on minehut

You should now see the option titled “Reset Server”.

This option is described as “Complete deletes and resets your entire server, including backups. This can not be undone, so be careful”.

If you are sure you want to reset your server, click on the red box labeled “Reset Server”.

After clicking on the button, you will get a pop-up titled “Confirm Server Reset”.

You will need to type in a phrase to confirm that you really want to reset your server, and it’s not just a mistake.

Once you have typed it in, you will need to click on “Reset Server” again.

confirm server reset on minehut

Now, your server will be reset! This is essentially the same as creating a new server because everything will be back to default.

So, you can join it again and have a brand new world to play on!

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3. Create a new Minehut account

Instead of deleting a server, you could create a new server, but on a new Minehut account because you’re only allowed two servers per account for free.

So, log out of your existing Minehut account by clicking on “Account” on the left hand sidebar.

Then, click on “Sign Out”.

sign out of minehut to create a new account

You will be taken back to the Minehut homepage.

Now, you need to click on “Sign Up In Seconds” in order to create a new account.

You will be taken to a sign-up form where you can enter in your details.

sign up button on minehut

It’s important to note that you will need to use a different email address to your other Minehut account. Each account must have a different email.

The information you need to provide is:

  • An email
  • A password
  • Your birthday

If you don’t have another email, then you can easily create one using a provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, or GMX.

Once you have completed the sign-up form, click on “Sign Up” and your account will be created!

Now, you can create a new Minehut server without deleting an existing one.

4. Contact Minehut support

If there is an important reason why you want your server deleted, then you could consider contacting Minehut using their support page.

Make sure you are logged in to your Minehut account which has the server on which you want to delete.

Then, go to the sidebar on the left hand side of Minehut and click on “Support”. The icon looks like a question mark inside of a circle.

support button on minehut

There are a few options to choose from, but you need to click on “Contact Support”.

contact support on minehut page

This will take you to a form you need to fill out.

You will need to enter some generic information, then you will be able to describe your issue details and you can explain why you want a server deleted on Minehut.

Final words

Now you know how to delete a server on Minehut.

Hopefully, in the future, Minehut will add a feature where you can click a button to delete a server.

However, all of the methods we explained in this article are great alternatives and will provide the same outcome as deleting a server.

We hope you found this useful.

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