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OnlyFans is a popular platform for creators to share content with their most dedicated fans. Fans pay a fee (subscription) in return for content which can be found no where else on the internet.

In 2020, Statistia reported that OnlyFans saw revenues of almost $380 million U.S. dollars. It was projected that revenues could increase by 200% in 2021.

Imane Anys, also known as Pokimane, is a popular Twitch streamer.

Impressively, Pokimane has earned over 9 million followers on Twitch and 6 million followers on Instagram.

Pokimane currently does not have OnlyFans. Pokimane mentioned on a stream she may make an OnlyFans for her cat. Any account claiming to be Pokimane on OnlyFans is likely to be lying and impersonating her.

Let’s get in to this in more depth!

Does Pokimane Have OnlyFans?

So as we just said, currently, Pokimane does not have an OnlyFans.

However, she has mentioned on stream she may make one for her cat.

Check out the clip.

To summarize, Pokimane is with her friend Mizkif, who is also a Twitch streamer.

Mizkif asks Pokimane: “If you did OnlyFans, would it be the number 1 OnlyFans in the world?”

Pokimane responds with: “If I put my all in to it, maybe”.

Then, Pokimane says “I’d be down to make an OnlyFans for my cat, like I’ll do that. He’s cute”.

So, could we see a Pokimane OnlyFans in the future? Maybe! It sounds like Pokimane may consider creating one for her cat.

However, if you just want to see more of Pokimane’s content, you could consider checking out her other social media platforms. She also posts on Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

As well as Twitch and Instagram, which we previously mentioned.

And if Pokimane decides to create an OnlyFans, it’s likely she will share this on a social media platform. So it could be worth following them so you’re kept up to date.

Fake Pokimane OnlyFans Accounts

Unfortunately, you should be aware that people often impersonate creators on OnlyFans.

They do this by creating an OnlyFans account with the creators profile picture.

Then, the link is distributed on social media.

Next, the impersonator will likely just repost content which the creator has already published online. Usually it’s old, so it’s less likely that the fan has already seen it.

To avoid being scammed like this, make sure the creator, in this case, Pokimane has advertised their account on another social media account that they own.

Why Pokimane May Not Create an OnlyFans

As you know, currently Pokimane does not have an OnlyFans.

One reason why Pokimane may not create an OnlyFans is because of what she replied to a fan.

In May 2020, a fan tweeted: “OnlyFans” multiple times to Pokimane.

Fan spams OnlyFans to Pokimane

Pokimane then replied saying “OnlyNo” to the tweet.

Pokimane OnlyNo response

This shows that, at that point in time, Pokimane was not interested in creating an OnlyFans. However, this could change in the future.

Another tweet Pokimane wrote said: “agreed on both parts. can people just stop asking others to make an onlyfans? if someone wants to, all the power to them, but constantly pressuring someone to do it via tweets is just weird.” – July 26th 2020 On Twitter.

pokimane twitter reply

Once again, this shows Pokimane is getting annoyed with fans asking for an OnlyFans at this point in time. However, these tweets are quite old now. So, her thoughts may have changed.

Also, Pokimane has such a large following, she probably is happy with the amount of money she makes.

Therefore, her motivation to create more content is low.

Content creation can be tiring and time consuming, so it’s understandable why she doesn’t want to create one.

How Much Can Pokimane Earn From OnlyFans?

In order to estimate this, we have to guess what percentage may subscribe to Pokimane’s account and what the fee may be.

Let’s guess that 0.001% of her audience may subscribe to her OnlyFans.

A common subscription fee OnlyFans creatgors charge is $10.

0.001% of Pokimane’s Twitch following would be 9,000 people.

So if the numbers we used are correct, Pokimane could earn $90,000 a month from OnlyFans, assuming she charges $10 and has 9,000 subscribers, which is unlikely to be this exact number.

This is a complete guess, but it is interesting to know what Pokimane could achieve. In our opinion, she would probably make much more than that.


In conclusion, Pokimane does currently not have an OnlyFans account.

This may change in the future, but she has mentioned on Twitter that she doesn’t want to create one for now.

Be aware of impersonators of Pokimane on OnlyFans.

The best way to find out if Pokimane ever decides to create an OnlyFans is by following her on all of her social media platforms.

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