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OnlyFans is the go-to platform for sharing content with the most dedicated fans. Fans will pay a fee in return for this content.

Also, users can leave tips, and other extras can be purchased as well.

According to Bloomberg, OnlyFans was adding over 500,000 new users every day in December 2020.

Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, also known as SSSniperWolf, is a huge social media star.

SSSniperWolf has grown her YouTube channel to over 30 million subscribers.

She has also achieved 5 million followers on Instagram and over 18 million followers on TikTok.

In this article, you will find out if SSSniperWolf has an OnlyFans, and some other useful information as well.

SSSniperWolf currently does not have an OnlyFans account. This may change as she has mentioned it on Twitter. If you want to see more SSSniperWolf content, can check out her other social media such as her Instagram or TikTok.

Let’s get right into this!

Does SSSniperWolf Have OnlyFans?

At the moment, SSSniperWolf does not have OnlyFans. But could this change in the future? Back in February 2020, SSSniperWolf tweeted this:

Would anybody be interested in an onlyfans where I just posted pics of my dogs?” – SSSniperWolf On Twitter

Also, in April 2020, SSSniperWolf replied to a tweet with this:

“boy onlyfans ain’t even up yet”SSSniperWolf On Twitter

This proves that SSSniperWolf has considered creating an OnlyFans account to share content with her most dedicated fans.

However, this is 2 years old now, so she may have changed her mind.

If you just want to see more of her content, then you should consider checking out her other social media platforms away from YouTube.

She uses Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Fake SSSniperWolf OnlyFans Accounts

Something to consider is that people may impersonate SSSniperWolf. Someone may do this because users subscribe believing it’s the real creator, in this case subscribing to SSSniperWolf.

To ensure you subscribe to the real creator, you should check that the creator has mentioned it or posted it on their social media.

Ideally, the creator has shared a link as well so you can go straight to their page.

How Will I Know If SSSniperWolf Creates an OnlyFans?

Most likely, if SSSniperWolf joins OnlyFans then she will promote it on other social media platforms.

So you should consider following her on all of her social media to be kept up to date if SSSniperWolf releases an OnlyFans.

How Much Could SSSniperWolf Earn From OnlyFans?

It would be lying to say that SSSniperWolf wouldn’t make much from creating an OnlyFans account.

We could guess that 0.001% of her audience (subscribers on YouTube) may subscribe to her OnlyFans (This would be 18,000 people).

So assuming exactly 18,000 subscribed to SSSniperWolf OnlyFans account and she charged $10 USD per month (complete guess) then she could make $180,000 per month. This is assuming that amount of subscribers remains the same which is unrealistic as they will move up and down.

All of these numbers are a guess. But one thing for sure is that SSSniperWolf has a large audience, so she needs a very small percentage to subscribe to make a ton of money!

Why SSSniperWolf May Not Create an OnlyFans

As we just guessed, SSSniperWolf could make a large amount of money from creating an OnlyFans.

So why wouldn’t she do this?

Firstly, SSSniperWolf already has a large income. She generates over 400,000,000 views a month on YouTube alone.

This can be monetized using YouTube ads and also brand deals.

It’s likely she also has investments and other income streams from other social media platforms as well.

Therefore, SSSniperWolf already has a large income that covers her living costs and doesn’t need to create more content.

Content creation can be very time-consuming, so it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to create more content.


The situation could change in the future, as she has hinted about creating an account on Twitter.

You should be careful as people may impersonate SSSniperWolf on OnlyFans.

To be kept up to date, if SSSniperWolf ever creates an OnlyFans then you should follow her on social media platforms as it is likely she will share it on them if she creates one.

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