enable ultimate performance mode

Ultimate performance mode is a great way to max your computers capabilties and is really useful if you use high performance games as well which require low latency. This will probably work best with higher end systems, but could be worth trying lower end systems as well. This may have some disadvantages such as higher temperatures from your components due to the increased performance so make sure you understand the risks. Now let’s go and get started.

1) Open Windows Powershell ISE.

Go to the bottom left of your desktop, and click on the search icon which looks like a magnifying glass. Then you can search for ‘Windows Powershell ISE’ and it looks like this.

windows powershell ise

Now you want to open it up.

2) Enter the command in Windows Powershell ISE.

Next you need to copy this command here:

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

Once you have copied it, you then need to paste it in Windows Powershell ISE and click the enter key on the left hand side of your keyboard.

You will then get this message:

enabled ultimate performance mode

This means it has been successful and you have essentially un-hidden ultimate performance but not enabled yet.

3) Open power settings.

Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left and on the left hand side is a cog, and when you hover over it it will say ‘Settings’ and click on it. Or you can just click on the magnifying glass and search for ‘settings’ as well and you will get to the same place.

settings cog windows

Now locate ‘System’, it should be the first option.

system settings

And on the list on the left, then locate ‘Power and sleep’ and click on it.

power and sleep

Once you are in Power and sleep, go over to the right hand side and click ‘Additional power settings’ under ‘Related settings’.

additional power setttings

You will be taken to your power plan options. Click on the downwards arrow which has been marked by a red dot.

It then should reveal the ‘Ultimate Performance’ option.

Then you can click on it and you will be using that option.

ultimate performance option

You should then restart your PC to make sure the changes have taken effect.

You can turn the Ultimate Performance off but coming back here and changing the power plan.


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