fix black photos on instagram

Are you experiencing some black photos on Instagram? Well, we’ve got you covered.

You may notice that a photo on your Instagram feed is completely black, when it shouldn’t be. We recently experienced this ourselves.

Let’s get right into this!

Check the user’s profile

The first way you can fix the problem of Instagram black posts, is by going directly to the user’s profile and checking their feed.

This is important because the photo may actually be a black photo.

But, usually, the photo isn’t meant to be black and Instagram is glitching.

So, if you go to the profile of the user who posted the photo, you should be able to see it.

In order to get to the user’s profile, you need to tap on their username above the post, or just below it.

get to users profile on instagram

Alternatively, you can search for the user’s account as well. You need to tap on the magnifying glass and you will be taken to the “Explore” page.

search button magnifying glass on instagram to search for user

Then, you need to tap on the search box at the top of the screen, and search for the user.

search box at top of explore page on instagram

You can just type in their name or their username, and their profile should show up.

Now, you can go to their profile and see the photo.

Hopefully, it won’t be black and you can see it properly.

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Restart Instagram

A second way you can fix black photos on Instagram is by restarting Instagram.

Sometimes Instagram will glitch and not load photos properly, which is why you’re seeing a black screen.

Restart Instagram on an iPhone

In order to restart Instagram on an iPhone or a different Apple device, you need to open the App Switcher.

This will show you all of your apps that are open currently.

So, to open the App Switcher, you need to swipe up on your screen slowly. You don’t swipe as much as you would to close the app.

Once you have opened the App Switcher, scroll along until you find Instagram. It shouldn’t be far along because you have only recently used the app.

Then, to close the app, or Instagram in this case, you need to swipe up on it and this will remove it from the list.

Now, you can open Instagram again, and you will have fully restarted it.

You should go and see if the photo is still black.

Restart Instagram on an Android phone

Firstly, you need to open the Settings app on your phone.

Secondly, you need to scroll until you see the option for “Apps”. Once you see it, tap it.

Next, you will see all of the apps you have on your phone. You need to scroll down until you see Instagram.

Once you see it, tap on it.

Then, in the bottom right, there should be a button called “Force Stop”.

This will completely stop the app and close it.

Now, go and open the app and you will have successfully restarted it.

You can go and check to see if the photo is still black.

Switch Instagram account

Another way you can fix black photos on Instagram is by switching Instagram accounts.

The account you’re currently using may be glitching or another technical issue may be occurring, so it’s worth trying a different account.

You can easily create another Instagram account if you only have one.

Alternatively, you can ask a friend or family member to see if the post is not loading or appearing as just a black photo.

Use Instagram on a different device

Following on from the last fix, it may be worth using Instagram on a different device.

Sometimes your phone may not be functioning properly and may be causing the problem.

So, similarly to the previous fix, it may be worth asking a friend or family member to see if the photo is loading for them, or if they can also just see a black image.

Check if Instagram is down

If you are still having problems with Instagram, then something important to check is if Instagram is down.

Because, if Instagram is experiencing technical difficulties, this is why images are not loading correctly and is appearing as a black image.

In order to check if Instagram is down, you need to go to a website such as DownDetector.

If other Instagram users are experiencing issues with Instagram, it’s likely they will report them there.

But, there are many websites that do this, so you can check them all.

Usually, there will be a big spike in reports when there is an issue, so it will be clear.

Alternatively, Instagram may release a statement on another social media platform if things aren’t working correctly.

Final words

We hope this guide has fixed the problem you were experiencing.

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