how does onlyfans show up on bank statement?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform filled with all kinds of content. So it’s no wonder that some of your favorite content creators might be on this site.

However, most of the content on this website is 18+. So, if you feel like your subscriptions on OnlyFans should be completely private, obviously, you will want to know: how does OnlyFans payment show up on bank statement?

To answer your question, we’ve looked through some other user experiences to give you an answer.

Let’s get right into it!

What Does an OnlyFans Charge Look Like on Bank Statement?

The fact is that every transaction will always include the name of the merchant. In this case, the merchant is OnlyFans, so, naturally, the company’s name will be on the credit card transaction.

We understand that many of you consider that this OnlyFans bank statement is personal, but if someone checks your credit card, the name will be right there.

Can You Hide OnlyFans On Bank Statement?

Since now you know how does OnlyFans show up on bank statement, you might be looking for ways to hide it.

Unfortunately, banks do not operate this way, and they do not offer an option to delete a transaction. As a result, a transaction on a credit card has to stay there permanently.

Keep in mind: it is possible that some bank out there might be willing to get rid of your OnlyFans bank statement, but we believe such options will be very rare.

Getting A New Credit Card To Hide Your OnlyFans Bank Statement

The only reasonable solution for hiding your credit card transactions from your partner or your close family is getting a new credit card without anyone else knowing.

However, we suggest changing to a different bank than your current one. Because if you go to the same bank and create a new debit or credit card, anyone else that has access to your account will be able to see that you have a new and private card.

With this new credit card, you can make all kinds of transactions that will be available only to you, so there won’t be any reason to worry about how does OnlyFans show up on bank account anymore.

Will A Refund Remove A OnlyFans Bank Statement

You might be thinking about getting a refund on your OnlyFans subscription to remove the transaction out of your bank statement, but that will not work either.

Firstly because OnlyFans does not allow refunds and secondly because that won’t remove the transaction. In fact, a refund will only create another transaction onto your bank statement.

OnlyFans Isn’t Just Adult Content

If you don’t feel comfortable with your partner seeing OnlyFans on bank statement, we want to remind you that this platform isn’t made for 18+/adult content only.

There are tons of other content creators out there that create non-adult media.

Even if you’ve subscribed to an OnlyFans account that posts 18+ content only, there’s nothing wrong with supporting your favorite content creator.


We hope that in the future, subscribing to an OnlyFans account will be normalized and that there won’t be any need/reason for anyone to hide their bank statements.

But, for now, we suggest using our idea of creating your own personal credit card for these types of uses.

We hope this guide on what does OnlyFans show up as on credit card helps you.