how long does a tinder profile stay active

Do you want to know how long a Tinder profile will stay active for? If so, we will explain exactly how long and we will provide some extra useful information as well.

You may want to know how long your profile will stay active for, because you don’t use Tinder much, but you want to make sure Tinder keeps showing your profile to potential matches. All of this will be covered in this article.

Lets get right in to this!

What is an active Tinder profile?

An active Tinder profile is a profile which is being actively shown to other users on the platform. This means that you have a chance of getting matches with others.

However, an inactive profile is where the profile is not being shown often or even at all to potential matches.

How long does your Tinder profile stay active?

Tinder says they prioritize matches who are active, and active at the same time. They don’t want to waste time showing you inactive users. When you don’t use Tinder, they will slowly stop showing your profile to users. Eventually, your profile will be rarely shown to other users on Tinder.

Now, we will explain this in more depth.

In a blog post discussing how the Tinder algorithm works, Tinder mentioned the topic of activity.

As we quoted above, Tinder prioritizes potenital matches or profiles who are most active.

This means that, if you are inactive, your profile won’t suddenly stop being shown to other users, but instead, your profile will be lower on the priority list to be shown to other users.

Eventually, you will be at the bottom of the priority list and your profile will be rarely shown to users unless they have unlimited likes from purchasing Tinder Gold.

Some resources say there is a set amount of time where when you are not active on Tinder that your profile will stop being shown.

This may be somewhat true, but it will probably depend on the activity of other users as that will depend on where your profile is on the priority list.

How to keep your Tinder profile active

Now, we will explain some great ways to keep your Tinder profile active, so you can get shown to as many users as possible, and hopefully get as many matches as possible!

1. Open the app

The first basic thing you need to do is to just open the app.

While you are on the app, you can reply to any messages you may have received.

2. Swipe through other profiles

Another thing you can do to keep your profile active is to swipe through users on Tinder.

If you use the free version of Tinder, try and use all of the likes you have available.

So, if you want to get your profile to be shown to as many users as possible, then try and go on the app every day.

As we explained earlier, the more active you are, the more your profile will be shown to other users.

Do inactive Tinder profiles show up?

Tinder prioritizes showing active profiles to users on their platform. So, if you have an inactive profile, it may still be shown, but will be further down the priority list.

Essentially, if a user has unlimited likes on Tinder through Tinder Gold, then they can swipe a lot of users and will be shown users lower down on the priority.

If an account is very inactive, then it’s unlikely Tinder would show it to a user.

Does Tinder only show profiles which were active in the last 7 days?

Tinder may show profiles which weren’t active in the last 7 days because Tinder prioritizes showing profiles to users which were active.

This means that there is a low chance Tinder will show profiles which were last active more than 7 days ago, but they may do.

It depends on how many swipes a user does, and what filters they have set up.

For example, if a Tinder user has a low distance set on their filter for other users, then Tinder will need to show profiles which are less active and will work down the priority list.

Final words

Now you know how long a Tinder profile or account can stay active for.

In conclusion, there is not a set amount of time a profile will stay active. It will depend on where the profile is on the priority list and the user who is swiping profiles.

Essentially, it will vary depending on each case.

We hope this helped.

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