depop change address

You may find that you need to change your address on Depop because you aren’t currently at that address, or you have moved.

We guide you fully through the process of how to change your address.

According to Statista, the number of Depop users in the United Kingdom went from under one million in January 2020 to more than two million in October 2021.

Lets get right in to this!

1. Open the Depop app

Firstly, open up the Depop app as you normally would.

2. Find an item you want to order

Secondly, you to need find an item or multiple items you want to order and add them to your bag (shopping basket).

You can move on to the next step once you are ready to check out.

3. Tap the bag to begin the checkout process

Once you’re ready to purchase, you need to click on the shopping bag in the top right of Depop.

depop bag 1

Then, you will be in “Bag”.

Below all of the items in your bag, will be a “Checkout” button.

4. Tap “Checkout” at the bottom of the page

Next, you need to tap or click the “Checkout” button. It will be near the bottom of the page.

depop inside bag

This will take you to the final stage of the check-out process where you can change your shipping address and payment method.

5. Tap on the current shipping address

Now, you need to tap on the address which is currently selected.

Also, on the right hand side of the address will be an arrow facing right as well.

shipping address selected 1

When you click on the address, it will bring up a window.

It will show a list of all the addresses currently on your Depop account.

At the bottom of window and list, will be a button labeled “Add new address”.

add new address button depop

6. Enter your new shipping address

So now you can enter your new shipping address!

In the top left you can choose your country. Depop had set mine correctly automatically.

Depop will try and help you find your address, or you can type in your address.

If you would like to just type your address in, tap “Enter address manually”.

add depop address manually or automatically

Either way, type in your address.

Once you have typed in your address, click “Continue”.

enter address continue button depop

Then, you will need to enter the name you want the item shipped to and your contact email.

Next, you need to confirm your address and details by clicking “Confirm and add address”.

confirm and add address depop

Now, you will be taken back to the check-out page and Depop will automatically select your address.

If you want to change your address, tap on the address currently selected and it will bring up the list again.

Also, if you are paying with PayPal, you don’t need to have the shipping address updated on your account.

When you begin the payment process with PayPal, they will automatically import the address from Depop.

How to delete an address on Depop

We thought we would also include a quick guide on deleting your address on Depop as well.

As you may have moved address, and not want the old address on Depop, in case you send an order there by mistake!

1. Go to Depop

Once again, open up the Depop app.

2. Begin the checkout process

Even if you don’t want to order something, find a random item, add it to your bag, and start the checkout process.

Once you’ve added it to your bag, click on the bag icon in the top right of Depop and it will show you what’s in it.

depop bag 2

Then, click “Checkout”.

depop inside bag 2

Don’t worry, you won’t actually have to make an order.

3. On the checkout page, tap on the shipping address box

Once the “Checkout” page loads, look for the subheading “Shipping address”.

shipping address selected 2

Then, you can click or tap on it and it will show you all of the addresses you have used or added to your account.

4. Swipe on the address to delete it

Next, find the address you want to delete.

Make sure it’s the right address, otherwise you will have to re-add it and type all the details in again.

There are two ways of deleting it:

Firstly, you can swipe to the left of the address and it will delete it.

delete button 1

Secondly, you can tap on “Edit” in the top right of the window and delete buttons for each address will appear on the left handside.

delete button 2

Now you can delete your addresses on Depop!

Final words

Now you know how to change your address on Depop and delete your addresses from Depop.

Both of these guides are useful, especially if you moved address or are away from home but want to order something!

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