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In this article we cover how to change age on discord and how to change your birthday on discord as well. Unfortunately, changing your age on Discord isn’t as straight forward as you may think so I hope you find this guide useful.

We made this article because we understand users often set the incorrect birthday when setting up their account, so this will help fix this!

Also, if you prefer to watch a video on this guide then check out the video at the bottom of the page.

You need to click here and you will be taken to Discord support.

2. Click in to a category (Example: Categories).

You can click in to any category, it doesn’t really matter.

discord support categories

3. Click in to any article.

It doesn’t matter which one, they all have the same destination we are looking for.

4. Scroll right down to the bottom and click “Submit a request”.

Now go and click on “Submit a request”. You will then be taken to a form.

have more questions discord

5. Begin to fill in the form.

For what ‘What can we help you with’ you should select ‘Trust & Safety’. Then you can go and enter your email. Now for the ‘How can we help’, select ‘Appeals, age update, others questions’ and next you can select ‘Update my age information’

change age information discord

6. Complete the form with all your information.

Fill in the form with all your correct information as Discord may contact you. Nearer the bottom, Discord will you tell you need some picture proof.

attach materials discord

As you can see two pictures are required:

  • A photo ID which contains your date of birth
  • A piece of paper with your Discord username (For example: Test#1231)

You can add these by clicking the Add file picture. Note: These documents need to be genuine, otherwise Discord will not approve your request.

7. Click submit.

Now you can click the button and you’re information will be sent to Discord. Discord will then review this and will verify your documents, if everything is correct then hopefully you’re can be updated.

If you prefer watching videos, check it out here:

We hope you found this guide of how to change age on discord and how to change birthday on discord useful!

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