infinite water terraria

Being able to access infinite water in Terraria is really useful and can be used to get water whenever you need it and also to fish as well.

Also, this can be helpful when completing angler quests.

Terraria is a popular 2D action-adventure game developed by Re-Logic.

Lets get right in to this infinite water Terraria guide!

How to Make Infinite Water Source Terraria

1. Craft an Iron Bucket Using an Anvil

Firstly, you need to craft an iron bucket.

To do this, you will need 3 iron bars.

You will need to mine 9 blocks of iron ore because 3 iron ore equals 3 iron bars.

Then, you will have to craft an anvil. These will require 5 iron bars and can be crafted on a work bench.

2. Fill the Bucket With Water

Now you have the bucket, you need to fill it with water once.

So you will need to find an existing water source to do this.

3. Decide Where You Want the Infinite Water Source

Next, you will need to decide where you would like the infinite water source to be located.

Most likely, you will want it near your main base or home in Terraria because you could use it for fishing or just having easy access to water.

4. Create a Large Pond or Hole

Then, you need to create a large lake (basically a hole).

This can be as wide as you’d like. We would recommend at least 10 blocks wide and 6 blocks in depth. Bigger if possible though.

It may be a good idea to create a bridge, so you can easily cross to get to the other side without having to go through the water each time you would like to travel somewhere.

5. Create a V-Shape Above the Pond

Now, you need to go above the hole or pond you just dug out.

You need to create a v-shape. It will look something like this.

V shape Terraria

To create this, you may need to place other blocks to get the correct height. Then you can remove those once you have created the v-shape.

Then, on the right hand side, using your hammer tool, create a slope going outwards (to the right hand side) of the area you dug out.

So, it should look like this.

v shape with sloping block terraria

6. Click the Water Bucket On the Sloping Block

Next, you need to hold your left mouse button while holding the water bucket.

Ensure the cursor is is on the sloping block.

Then, the water should begin to fill the hole or pond you created.

water filling pond or hole terraria

7. Use the Infinite Water Source

There you go! Now you can get water whenever you need it, or go fishing as well.


Check out this video here!

So you will need to craft a bucket using an anvil. You will need iron bars to do this.

Once you have a bucket, you will need to fill this. Find an existing water source.

Now that you have filled your bucket, you need to decide where you would like the infinite water source to be. It’s probably best to have it near your base so it’s easy to access.

Then dig a hole, pond or lake. This can be any size. The bigger the better.

Next, you need to build a v-shape above the area you just dug out. You then need to make the block on the right hand side slope towards the right.

You can then click the water button with your left hand mouse button on the sloped block and it should begin to fill the area you dug out.

Enjoy your new water source which didn’t take ages to fill!

Also, this method can be used on lava and honey as well.

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