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In this article we will show you how to get live wallpaper on PC and how to get animated wallpaper on PC – this is a great way to add a creative touch and fully customize your desktop background, as usually it would be a still image. We have also made a video on this guide as well which is on this page.

1) Download Lively Wallpaper

Go to which is hosted Github.

On the website, simply click ‘Download’ and you will be taken to the latest versions available. There are two options, either download the installer, or you can download the application from the Microsoft store. In this guide we use the installer.

Click on ‘Installer’ and the download will commence. It is around a 200MB file.

2) Install Lively Wallpaper

Now, locate the installer which will probably be in your downloads folder in your file explorer.

Double click the file and you may get a Windows security pop up. You will need to click yes to continue with the process.

Continue with the installer as follow the steps. There is an option for it to launch when Windows starts as well, but that is up to you.

During the installation, it may also install C++ Redistributable and a few other libraries if they are not already on your PC.

Then, near the end of installation process, the installer will say it needs to restart your PC for the installation process to complete. So go ahead restart.

After restarting your PC, a ‘Lively Setup’ wizard will pop up. Click on ‘Next’, then there will be an option ‘Start with Windows’ which you can configure by using the switch. Click ‘Next’ again and there is a option for the user interface, either ‘Normal’ or ‘Lite’ which is better for end systems. Take your pick, then click ‘Next’. Now you can setup ‘Taskbar theme’ if you would like, for now we will leave that ‘OFF’ and click ‘Next’.

The next page should be a ‘Completed’ page and the it will say ‘Lively is minimized to system tray, right click lively icon to continue.’

Lively in tool bar

So right click on the Lively icon, and select ‘Open Lively’ then the Lively Wallpaper window will open.

Lively wallpaper library

3) Configuring Lively Wallpaper

When it first opens, Lively will start on the ‘Library’ option. Here are some wallpapers which are included. Feel free to select one of these. Note: If you have two monitors, in the top right you can change which monitor you are changing the wallpaper for.

So now you should have an animated wallpaper! However, you can use custom wallpapers as well.

To use the custom wallpaper option, on the left hand bar, there is a ‘Add wallpaper button’ which looks like a plus icon.

Here you can either select a file which can be an .MP4 file or a .GIF but you can also use a YouTube video. Find a video you would like to use, then just paste the link in to the ‘Enter URL’ box and click on the arrow on the right hand side.

You can also click on ‘More Wallpapers’ and you will taken to Lively’s Reddit.

4) How to stop Lively wallpaper

If you want to stop Lively wallpaper, then go back to the ‘Library’ and go to the top right and click on the ‘Control Panel’ which has a logo as a monitor currently.

Lively control panel

Then you can click on ‘Close Wallpapers’ in the bottom right and it will reset your wallpaper to the default Windows wallpaper you have selected.

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