hide what filter is used on snapchat

Are you trying to hide what filter you used on Snapchat? If so, this guide explains exactly how.

You may want to keep the filter you used in a Snap secret and so you want to hide it from the person you are sending the Snap to. Keep on reading so you know how.

Lets get right in to this!

1. Open Snapchat

Firstly, open up Snapchat.

Make sure you are using the account where you have the Snapchat user or users added so you can send the Snap to them.

2. Choose the filter or lens you want to use

Secondly, you need to go on to your Snapchat camera.

Then, select the filter button, which is the button to the right of the shutter button.

filter button snapchat

Now, you can scroll through all of the filters on Snapchat.

When you stop scrolling, the filter will be applied to the camera and you will be able to see what the filter looks like.

3. Take or Record the Snap

Once you have applied a filter that you like, you now need to take or record the Snap.

In order to take a photo, you need to tap on the shutter button, and to take a video, you need to hold the shutter video and release it when you want to stop.

shutter button snapchat

Next, you will be able to preview and edit the Snap. You can text, drawings, and much more.

4. Save the Snap to your camera roll

Now, you need to save the Snap to your camera roll.

Tap and hold on the “Save” button at the bottom left of the edit and preview page. The icon looks like an arrow facing in to a box.

save button snapchat

This will launch a menu with a couple of options. You need to select “Memories & Camera Roll”.

snapchat save this snap to

This will mean that the Snap will be saved to your Snapchat Memories and camera roll.

Check your camera roll or photo library to see if the Snap has been saved. If not, tap on the save button again.

5. Send the Snap to a Snapchatter

There are two different ways you can send the Snap without showing what filter you used.

Method one

Firstly, you need to navigate to the search bar on Snapchat.

Then, you need to search for “green screen”.

You may need to scroll down until you see the “Lenses” section.

green screen lens on snapchat

Then, you can select the green screen lens or filter. We used the lens created by Snapchat themselves.

Once you have selected the lens, you will then need to select the Snap which you just saved.

camera roll shown

You will be able to view your camera roll and choose the Snap.

Now, you will need to move out of the shot by angling your phone upwards.

before and after snapchat

When you are ready, tap on the shutter to take the photo.

You will now have the Snap you originally saved ready to be sent to others with the filter and lens hidden because it was saved from Snapchat, so it’s now just a normal image!

You can add any extra text or stickers if you would like.

Next, you can tap on “Send To” and select the users you want to send it to!

Method two

First of all, you need to find the Snapchat user you want to send the Snap to.

Secondly, you need to start a chat with them.

You can now send them the Snap which you saved to your camera roll.

camera roll button on snapchat

Sending the Snap this way keeps the filter and lens you used hidden.

So, tap on the camera roll button and select the Snap which you earlier saved to your photo library or camera roll.

picture sent in chat on snapchat

Then, you just need to tap on the Send button and the image will be sent with out revealing the filter or lens you used!

Why does Snapchat tell users what filter you have used?

Most likely, Snapchat tells the user which filter you have used so the user you sent the Snap to knows in case they want to use it themselves.

This will keep the user on the platform for more time, which is the goal for a lot of social media companies.

Also, it lets the recipient of the Snap know that a filter was used on the image, as it may not be obvious.

Overall, it just increases transparency and honesty.

Final words

Now you know how to hide the filter you used on Snapchat!

It’s really useful if you don’t want others to know what filters and lenses you are using.

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