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In this article we will cover how to download Forge for Minecraft and how to install Forge For Minecraft. Forge is a great tool and is essentially a way to run mods on Minecraft. Mods are a great way to expand the features in Minecraft and create an even more awesome gaming experience. We have also made a video on this guide as well, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

1) Download Forge.

Firstly, we need to download Forge from the official website which is the safest place to do so. Go to

Once you’re on the Forge site, you need to choose what version of Forge you would like, the versions match the versions of Minecraft. So if you want to play Minecraft 1.17.1 then you need Forge 1.17.1.

2) Get through the ad wall.

Then once you’ve decided the version of Forge you would like, you need to click on installer, then you will be taken to an ad page where you need to wait for 5 seconds and click skip in the top right of the screen. Be careful when on these ad pages. Once you click skip, the download should commence.

Note: When downloading Forge in some browsers you may get a warning saying this type of file may be dangerous for your computer. You can click keep as it should be safe if you have downloaded the file from the official website.

3) Start the install process.

You should now have the Forge installer on your computer, it should end in a .jar file extension.

Now you need to double click on the installer. Two things may happen:

  • The ‘Mod system installer’ will launch.
  • A folder will open with files in it.

If the folder opens, then this means you don’t have Java installed. Click here to be taken to the official Java website and download the installer and run through it. We will make an article on this soon! Then continue once you have installed Java.

4) Run the installer.

Once the installer is opened it will look like this:

Forge installer

Make sure ‘Install client’ is selected and the correct destination for Minecraft is selected as well. (Forge uses the default location automatically, so unless you’ve changed where Minecraft is saved you don’t need to touch this).

Then click ‘Ok’.

Forge will begin to download files that it needs. You can sit back and wait for it to finish!

You will then get a window pop up called ‘Complete’. You should click ‘Ok’

5) Open the Minecraft Launcher.

Now open the Minecraft launcher like normal.

There are two options to choose from when running launching Forge:

  • Go to the bottom right of the Minecraft launcher and click on the version and select Forge labelled with the correct version. Select it and click ‘Play’.
forge in minecraft launcher 1
  • Along the top tab, click on ‘Installations’ and find Forge labelled with the correct version and click ‘Play’ on the right hand side.
forge in minecraft launcher 2

6) Launch Minecraft with Forge.

Now launch Minecraft. Once it has loaded you will know you have been successful with installing forge because on the options on the main menu of Minecraft, there will be a button labelled ‘Mods’.

mods in minecraft

7) Get Minecraft mods.

There are many great websites for Minecraft mods! Find one and make sure it is safe, then go and download some.

We have a full article on this as well. (Coming soon).


You need to go to the official Forge website here and download the installer. Then run the installer. Next you open the Minecraft launcher and make sure you select Forge with the correct version. On the Minecraft home screen there will be a ‘Mods’ button.


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