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Sometimes things may not go to plan, you will find that you need to refund a buyer on Depop.

As a seller on Depop, it’s up to you to make sure the buyer gets their item in the condition you described and that they’re happy with it.

Depop will step in if you need help.

There are different ways to make a refund on Depop, depending on how the buyer paid.

You will either need to refund using Depop, or you may need to use PayPal.

Also, when issuing a refund, ALWAYS make sure you actually refund the original transaction.

Don’t send the money in a new transaction. Otherwise the buyer can claim that you didn’t refund them and you may have to refund them twice.

How to refund on Depop

Firstly, we will explain how to issue a refund through the Depop app if the buyer paid using Depop payments.

If you are unsure of how the buyer paid, then you will find out if you follow this guide as well.

Also, if the buyer paid through Depop payments, the money would be transferred to your bank account automatically.

Where as on PayPal, it will be in your PayPal balance.

1. Open the Depop app

You need to open the Depop app and sign in to the account which you sold the item which you want to refund.

2. Tap on the shop icon in the middle of the bottom row

Next, you need to tap on the shop icon in the middle of the bottom row on Depop.

shop icon middle depop

Then, you will be taken to “All sold items”.

sold items depop

3. Tap on the item you would like to refund

Now, you need to find the item you need to refund.

You can scroll down the list if you have sold a lot of items.

Once you have found it, tap on the item and it will take you to some more details about it.

4. Tap on “Refund” at the bottom of the page

Then, you need to scroll past the order details and at the bottom there should be a “Refund” button.

refund button depop

Tap on “Refund” and then you may need to confirm that you want to go ahead with it.

So, that’s how you issue a refund through the Depop app using Depop payments.

How to refund a Depop payment using PayPal

You will have to issue the refund through PayPal, if that’s how the buyer paid.

1. Sign-in to the PayPal account connected to your Depop

Firstly, you need to go to PayPal and sign-in.

You can use the PayPal website.

We found it easier to do this on a computer, or at least using a desktop browser.

If you want to do this on a mobile device, you can request the desktop browser version of the PayPal site.

2. Find the PayPal transaction

Secondly, you need to find the correct PayPal transaction.

Next, you need to tap or click on “Recent activity”.

recent activity paypal

Then, you can find the correct transaction.

You can identify the transaction by:

  • The amount which was sent.
  • The buyers name.
  • The buyers address.
  • The order number.

Make sure these match, otherwise you may refund the wrong order.

Click on the order and it will give you more details.

3. Click on “Refund this payment”

Once you’ve clicked on the order, you need to look for the “Refund this payment” button.

You may need to scroll down, or if you are on a device with a larger screen, it will be on the right hand side.

Click on “Refund this payment” and follow the steps through.

refund payment on paypal button

Note: You may not receive a refund for the PayPal fee.

Depop refund and return policies

Here are some policies from Depop we found regarding refunds and returns.

If you’re selling as an individual, you’re not required to offer a refund unless your item has not been sent or is not as described.

If you’re selling as a registered business, you must follow the relevant distance selling regulations. Buyers can open a dispute up to 180 days from the transaction date if they feel the item is ‘not as described’.

Remember to always refund a buyer directly from the original transaction. This way, the refund is associated with the transaction and cannot be disputed.

How to prevent refunds on Depop

Refunds are best to be avoided because of the time it takes to have to get the buyer to return it to you, and then to relist and ship it again.

Here are some good practices in order to lower the amount of buyers who want refunds and/or returns.

1. Tracked & fast shipping

Make sure you use tracked shipping when sending your Depop items.

Purchasing tracking for the order means you will know the buyer has received the item and makes it harder for it to get lost in the postal system.

Alternatively, you can use a signed-for service as well, which may be cheaper. This is where the buyer or someone at their address has to sign for the item when it is delivered.

2. Accurate and honest images

When taking photos of your item, make sure they’re well lit.

Otherwise, it may make the item look a different color.

Also, make sure to take close-up images of any marks or defects on the item so the buyer expects them to be there.

Otherwise, the buyer will want to return and refund as the item was not described properly.

3. Accurate and honest description

Similar to taking close-up images, make sure you describe any defects or things that weren’t originally on the item.

This is so the buyer expects them to be there.

Essentially, you need to describe it properly and accurately.

Final words

Now you know how to refund on Depop!

We also stated some of Depop’s policies, and gave some tips on preventing future refunds and/or returns.

We hope you found this useful.

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