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Are you trying to repost a Snapchat story? If so, we will guide you through how to do so.

You may want to share someone else’s story because you agree with what someone else has said, or you may have been in the story.

Whatever the reason may be, you will know how to share and repost the Snapchat story on to your own story.

Lets get right in to this!

How To Repost A Story On Snapchat

Here are the steps you need to follow to repost a story on Snapchat.

1. Open up Snapchat

Firstly, you need to open up Snapchat and log-in to the account of which you want to repost the Snapchat story on to.

2. Find the story you want to repost

Secondly, you need to find the story you would like to repost.

So, go to the story tab on Snapchat by tapping on the icon, which looks like the outline of two people.

snapchat story button

Then, you can view your Snapchat friends stories and subscriptions as well.

If you scroll down on the page, you will be able to view the “Discover” section as well.

3. Open the Story you want to repost

Next, you need to open the story which you want to repost.

We want to repost this story which was posted by Example Tutorial.

choose the story you want to repost

Once you have opened up the story, you need to hold your finger on your screen, and this will hide the name, the time passed since the story was posted and all of the other on-screen buttons.

before and after hiding snapchat buttons and icons

4. Screenshot the story you want to repost

Now, you need to take a screenshot. Make sure you continue to hold your finger down on the story because when you release it, a menu will slide up from the bottom.

If the menu slides up before you have taken a screenshot, don’t worry.

You just need to tap on the upper half of the screen where the menu isn’t, then hold on your screen again and the on-screen buttons will be temporarily hidden.

Screenshot on iOS devices

If you are using a device without a home button, then you need to press the power button and volume increase button simultaneously.

However, if you are using a device with a home button, you need to press the power button and home button simultaneously.

Screenshot on Android devices

If you are using an Android device with a home button, you need to simultaneously press the home button and power button.

Alternatively, if you are using an Android device without a home button, you need to simultaneously press the power button and volume decrease button.

Also, if your device has Google Assist, you can ask Google to take a screenshot for you. A screenshot will be taken of the what is on your screen below the Google Assist dialog.

You can watch this video on taking a screenshot on your Android device.

Ask for permission to repost someone’s Snapchat story

It’s important to note that when you take a screenshot of someone’s Snapchat story that they will be notified. So, you should consider explaining why you are taking a screenshot of it.

You could send them a message by tapping on “Send a Chat” and then you can ask or explain why you want to or already have taken a screenshot.

send a chat button snapchat

Once you have taken the screenshot, it will now be saved to your camera roll or photo gallery.

6. Repost the Snapchat story

Next, you need to go to the Snapchat camera and tap on the Snapchat Memories and Camera Roll button.

snapchat memories and camera roll button

Once you are on the “Memories” page, you need to tap on “Camera Roll” from the navigation bar.

Then, you will be able to view your entire camera roll.

So, find the image of the story which you want to repost, which you just took a screenshot of.

It should be one of your most recent pictures, so it will be near the top.

Once you see it, tap on it and you will be able to preview it.

You can make edits and add text to it by tapping on the three vertical dots in the top right.

vertical three dots menu button on snapchat

Next, tap on “Edit Photo” and you will have a range of tools you can use to edit it.

edit photo button snapchat

You could consider tagging the Snapchatter who you are reposting the story from.

Tag a Snapchatter

Press on the text tool, which has a “T” as its icon.

text tool button snapchat

Then, tap on the “@” symbol and you can type in the name of the Snapchatter you would like to tag.

tag user on snapchat

You can make any other edits as well.

Post the story

Once you are ready to post the story, you need to press on the “Send To” button in the bottom right and select “My story”.

You will need to press the Send button again, which will just be an icon which looks like an arrow pointing right.

Now you have reposted a Snapchat story!

Final words

Now you know how to repost a Snapchat story on your story!

In our opinion, this is currently the best way to repost stories.

We hope you found this useful.

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