is it safe to give onlyfans id

It’s a requirement for OnlyFans creators to submit their ID when they sign up. We’ll cover if it is safe to give your ID to OnlyFans.

According to InfluencerMarketingHub, OnlyFans had paid out over 2 billion in U.S. dollars to creators by November 2020.

It is safe to give OnlyFans your ID. Their service processors state “Personal data shall be processed for no longer than necessary”. ID verification means that OnlyFans does not collect personal data from anyone under 18 and prevents anyone using a false identity.

Lets get in to this in more depth!

Is It Safe to Give OnlyFans ID?

It should be safe to give OnlyFans your id because they use reputable service processors. The service processors OnlyFans uses for identification verification are currently Ondato, Aristotle and Jumio.

All of these processors have to follow strict regulations. If a user is in Europe, then the processor has to follow GDPR rules. Most major jurisdictions will also have their own data protection laws as well.

Aristotle, one of OnlyFans service processors for ID verification state in their privacy policy:

“Generally speaking, we retain the information collected from the Aristotle Websites or in connection with our Services for as long as necessary to achieve our objectives as detailed in this Privacy Policy, and for legally permissible, compatible purposes, such as compliance with law, resolution of disputes, auditing, and enforcement of our agreements.”

Therefore, we think OnlyFans is pretty safe to give your ID. But, you should make sure you are happy doing so.

Can You Use OnlyFans Without ID?

Upon researching, a lot of people ask “How to make an OnlyFans without ID”.

Unfortunately, this is not possible because of OnlyFans’ privacy policy. It states:

We require checks for Creators to ensure that we do not knowingly offer our Services to or collect personal data from anyone under 18 or anyone using a false identity, and offer checks as an option for Fans.

Therefore, it would be breaking OnlyFans privacy policy to do so. Also, it wouldn’t be possible to create a creator account on OnlyFans with out identification.

Should I Give OnlyFans ID?

Well, if you want to use OnlyFans as a creator, you have no other choice but to submit your ID for verification.

So essentially, if you want to use OnlyFans to share content with your most dedicated fans, you have to.

The only alternative would be to use another subscription-based platform, such as Patreon.

But then you would lose the benefits of using OnlyFans, such as the ability to receive or give tips.

What Does OnlyFans Do With Your ID?

OnlyFans works with their service processors to ensure that they do not collect data from users under 18 because they could break the law in some jurisdictions.

Also, ensures users are real and that someone isn’t just creating a fake profile.

Fake profiles can be dangerous on OnlyFans because someone could impersonate a popular individual and then scam fans.


In conclusion, OnlyFans is safe to give your ID to, because of data protection laws.

All of the service processors that OnlyFans uses have privacy policies and terms and conditions. Overall, they’re pretty reputable.

However, if you don’t feel safe giving OnlyFans your identification then you can always just check out influencers or individuals on their other social media to see extra content.

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