give op on minehut

Do you want to OP yourself or another player on a Minehut server? If so, we will explain the steps you need to follow in this article.

Giving yourself or another player OP on a Minecraft server is essentially giving them admin permissions. It allows you or the other player to use commands. For example, they can change their gamemode, or the time of the server.

So, it’s important that you don’t give all players OP because otherwise your server may get destroyed.

Lets get right in to this!

1. Log-in to your Minehut dashboard

Firstly, you need to go to and log-in or sign up.

Secondly, you need to navigate to the Minehut dashboard.

minehut dashboard button

This will show you your Server List, which shows you all of the servers you have created.

Next to each server on the list, you will see the option for “Activate Server”. Alternatively, you may see the option for “Manage Server”.

The Activate Server and Manage Server button are actually the same button.

If you have recently stopped your server, it will say “Manage Server”. Otherwise, it will say “Activate Server”.

So, click on “Activate Server” or “Manage Server” and you will be taken to the server settings.

activate server button on minehut

2. Navigate to your Server Console

Now that you have started the server, you need to navigate to the Server Console.

The console allows you to enter commands and make changes to your server.

Go to the top navigation bar, and click on “Console”.

console button on minehut

The Console has a black/dark blue background and uses a basic font.

3. Enter the OP command

Once you are on your Server Console, you need to scroll down to the bottom to where it says “Enter Command”.

Now, you need to click on this text box and you will be able to see the text cursor.

enter command on minehut text box

Once you can see the text cursor, you need to type in “op” (it’s not case-sensitive).

After this, you need to type the players username who you want to give OP to. This can be yours, or someone else’s.

It should look something like this:

op tutorialtucker command on minehut

You need to press the Enter key on your keyboard and this will send the command to the server.

Within a few seconds, you will get a response saying “Made Username a server operator”.

made tutorialtucker a server operator on minehut

If you didn’t get any response from the server, try typing the command in again.

If you got a response which was an error, this means you didn’t the command correctly. All you need to do, is type in “op”. You don’t need to use a forwards slash.

Now you have successfully given OP to yourself, or somebody else on your Minehut server!

Join the server to see if it’s worked

You or the person you gave OP to, should join and check if it’s working correctly.

Try and test a command, like changing the time of the server. If it you have been successful with OPing a user, the command will go ahead and you will get a notification in the chat saying “Time changed”.

However, if you get a message saying “Command does not exist” or “You don’t have permission for this command”, this means you have not been successful in giving OP to a user.

If you or the person joins the server and finds they aren’t OP, then this means you may have spelt the username incorrectly.

This is because if you received a similar server response to us, this means the command was successful, but most likely the permissions were given to the wrong player.

So, go back to the Server Console and enter the command again and make sure you typed in the username correctly and used all the numbers and symbols.

Also, make sure you have given OP permissions to the user on the right server, as you may have multiple servers on Minehut.

How To Remove OP from a player on Minehut

You may find that you no-longer want a player to have OP (server operator) on your server, and so you want to remove it.

In order to remove OP permissions from a player, you need to go back to your Minehut dashboard.

Then, find the server which the player has permissions on.

You will need to activate the server, and wait for it to load.

Once it has loaded, you need to go to the Server Console.

Go to the bottom of the Console, where you can type in commands and enter “deop” followed by the username of the player.

So, it should look something like this:

deop tutorialtucker on minehut

You need to press the Enter key on your keyboard to send the command to the server.

Now, you should get a response saying “Made Username no longer a server operator”.

made tutorialtucker no longer a server operator on minehut

This means you have successfully removed OP from a player!

Troubleshoot any errors you may receive

However, if you get a response saying “Nothing changed. The player is not an operator”, this means that player did not have OP in the first place.

nothing changed the player is not an operator on minehut

But, you may get this response because you entered the username with a typo.

Or, you may be on a different server to which you gave the player OP. So, go back to your Server List and make sure you are on the Console for the right server.

What does OP mean in Minecraft?

The OP status means server operator. So, if you OP a player on a Minecraft server, this means they are a server operator, which is essentially an admin.

The main difference between a normal user and a server operator is that they will be able to use game-changing commands.

These include changing game modes, the time of the server, teleporting, and much more.

So, as we said earlier, be careful with who you give permissions to

Final words

Now you know how to give yourself and other players OP on your server, but also how to remove OP privileges as well if you need to.

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