reset minecraft settings to default

Do you want to reset your Minecraft settings back to default? If so, we’ve got you covered!

You may have made many changes over the years to your settings, and now you just want them reset to default.

It’s important to note that once you have reset your settings, you won’t be able to revert to them easily, so make sure you definitely want them reset back to default.

Also, we have included an alternative method at the end of the article incase you can’t do the first method.

Let’s get right into this!

1. Open the Minecraft launcher

Firstly, you need to open up the Minecraft launcher.

Once you have opened the launcher, make sure you are logged in to your Microsoft account.

The Minecraft launcher should look like this:

minecraft launcher screen to reset settings

2. Open the Minecraft installation folder

Secondly, you need to go to the top bar of your Minecraft launcher and click on “Installations”.

installations button on minecraft launcher

Now, you will see a list with every version of Minecraft you have installed.

When you hover your mouse over an installation of Minecraft, you will see around three options appear on the right hand side.

These include a “Play” button, a folder button, and a menu button.

folder button next to minecraft installation 2

You need to click on the folder, next to any of the installations of Minecraft that you have.

It does matter which installation of Minecraft that you click on because they all will take you to the same place.

Once you have clicked on the folder button, it will open a File Explorer in the “.minecraft” folder.

3. Delete options.txt file

Next, you find the options.txt file.

It’s important you find the correct file because there are a few which are very similar.

Once you have found the options.txt file, you need to delete.

In order to delete it, you can right click on the file and click “Delete” or the trash can, which is the icon for delete..

show more options and delete button

You may need to click on “Show more options” to be able to see the delete option.

delete option on minecraft options file

Now what will happen is that the next time you launch Minecraft a new options file will be generated.

Save your old Minecraft settings

Before you delete the options file, you could consider copying and pasting the file somewhere safe on your computer

Then, you can revert to your old settings if you want to.

We will explain how you can revert to your old settings nearer the end of the article.

4. Launch Minecraft

Now, you can launch Minecraft and click on the Options button on the home screen.

After you have deleted the options.txt file, Minecraft will have to download some files again when you first launch it to replace what you deleted.

However, it’s not a massive amount of files, so it won’t take long.

You will see that all of your settings have been reset back to default.

You can change any settings you want as well to improve your experience on Minecraft as well!

5. Revert back to your old Minecraft settings

You can only revert back to your old settings if saved the options.txt folder.

If you did, then you need to locate it.

Also, you will need to go back to the “.minecraft” folder.

The fastest way to get there is to open up the Minecraft launcher again, and go to the Installations page and click on the folder next to a installation of Minecraft.

Then, you will be in the location of where the options.txt file needs to be.

Next, you need to drag, or copy and paste the options.txt file that you saved to this folder.

You will be replacing the new options.txt file that was generated, so you will get a notification saying there is already a file in this location with the same name.

So, you will need to click on “Replace the file in this destination”.

Or, you can delete the new options.txt file before moving the old options.txt to the folder.

Change your Minecraft settings manually

Alternatively, if you find the method above too complicated, you can manually change your Minecraft settings back to default.

In order to do this, you need to open up Minecraft and click on the Options button on the home screen.

Then, you will see all of the Minecraft settings.

But, to change the settings back to default, you will need to know what the default settings are.

So, you can check this page by Minecraft fandom which shows you all of the default Minecraft settings.

You will need to scroll down and then you will see all of the different options.

However, this will take a long time. The first method we mentioned is the fastest way.

Feel free to check out the next method!

Uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it

A further way to reset your Minecraft settings is by uninstalling Minecraft and then reinstalling it again.

This will delete all of the data from your computer, so it will remove your old settings.

So, when you reinstall Minecraft, the settings will be back to default.

In order to uninstall Minecraft, you need to open up your Settings and go to the Apps section.

You will be able to view all of your apps and you can also search for specific apps as well.

You need to find Minecraft and then uninstall it.

Then, to reinstall Minecraft, you need to open the Microsoft store app and search for Minecraft to download it again and install it.

You will need to log in to your account and then you can play Minecraft again with all of the settings reset to default.

Final words

We hope you found this article useful!

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