why cant i add card to onlyfans

OnlyFan is a subscription-based, social platform that requires money to be added to your wallet before you complete any subscription.

Creating an account on OnlyFans is free. But, if you want to support your favorite adult content creators on that platform, you have to enter your payment methods and bank details (credit or debit card details).

Now, people are often wondering why OnlyFans is denying their payment method. There are a couple of reasons why this happens. Then we will explain how you can fix them.

Let’s get right in to this!

Why Can’t I Add My Card on OnlyFans?

When adding a credit or debit card to your OnlyFans account, you might face some challenges along the way.

Usually, the platform itself will notify user accounts when their payment info can’t be processed. They will send them a message that says “OnlyFans transactions could not be processed at this time”. However, this may not always be the case.

There are a few reasons why OnlyFans will not accept your credit card or debit card payments. We’ll explain why.

1. Your Card Balance is Too Low

Usually, this is one of the most common reasons why OnlyFans would decline your payment method. This means that you might have reached a payment limit set by your payment card provider (your bank) or you simply just don’t have enough in your spending balance.

2. Incorrect Credit Card Expiration Date

Sometimes it can go unnoticed so you may want to check your cards’ expiration date. Usually, your debit or credit card is valid for 4 to 5 years.

3. Your Debit or Credit Card is Suspended

Most banks tend to suspend your card if they see any unusual activity or repeated transactions. Contact your designated bank to ask them what the problem is, or to just notify them that the payment is in fact coming from you.

4. You Might Be in Debt in Your Bank Account

If you’re in credit debt and you haven’t paid it off yet, this may be the reason why your payment is declining. You may want to use another credit or debit card to complete your OnlyFans subscription or pay off your debt on the existing credit card as soon as possible.

5. You Might Have Gotten Flagged

Check if you have violated any terms of service policies like making screenshots, adding any illegal content, acts of violence, spreading hate speech, etc.

How to Fix Can’t Add Card to OnlyFans

I suggest you check out your banks terms of service and the OnlyFans terms of service of this online platform and see if you’re doing something wrong or violating any of their policies.

Also, if you are still having difficulties here are a couple more fixes:

  • Use a different card. Sometimes card payments just fail. Try and use a different bank card that you may have, or with permission, you could use someone else’s and pay them back.
  • Try using a virtual card such as Skrill. Skrill allows you to deposit money and then you can create a virtual prepaid card to spend with. You will get a credit card number, expiry date and CVV which is everything you need to make a purchase on OnlyFans.

If there is a bug in the system and you’ve done everything right when setting up your account, simply just refresh the page and try adding your info again.

How To Add A Payment Method On OnlyFans

Now we have explained some fixes, lets try and add a payment method again.

After creating your account, on a mobile device, go to the bottom to where your profile picture is (it may be blank).

profile button onlyfans mobile

Then a list will appear and around half way down it there is a “Your cards” option.

your cards button onlyfans mobile

On a computer, go to the bottom left and scroll down till you see “Add card”. Now go and click on it to be taking to the card settings.

onlyfans add card desktop

Now you will see a menu with various commands, including adding a payment method and a ”add bank” command.

If you just want to become a member of someone’s page, and not be an OnlyFans creator yourself, you do not need to click the ”Add Bank” command.

Simply just click on ”Your Cards” to start adding your payment info.

Once you click there, you will see your so-called wallet or an ”add card” button. Then you can go ahead and add your billing address and other payment info like 16 digit credit card number, expiration date, security code, and a confirmation that you are at least the legal age of 18.

Before submitting your payment method, OnlyFans will notify you that they will make a charge of $0.10 to make sure your card is valid.

The Cards That Are Accepted On OnlyFans Are:


Inconclusion, there are mutliple reasons for why you can’t add a card to OnlyFans so hopefully one of the methods in this video has helped you solve this.

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