can you get a refund on onlyfans

OnlyFans is the go-to platform nowadays to directly support your favorite content creators. You can get access to content that you won’t find anywhere else on this website.

However, subscription-based services are not always perfect, especially on these platforms that favor the creators rather than the customers.

So, if a content creator suddenly stopped posting any media or the quality of the content dropped considerably, naturally, you’ll want a refund.

This opens up the question: How to get a refund on OnlyFans?

Let’s see if that is possible at all!

OnlyFans Does Not Support Refunds

To protect the users’ interest in their platform, OnlyFans TOS states that all purchases and transactions are final, which means they are non-refundable.

Unfortunately, but is needed for the website to strive because users can quickly get all the content after subscribing and then refunding.

Keep in mind; most subscription-based services don’t offer refunds.

Using A Chargeback

Even though you can’t get a refund from OnlyFans, there is another way you could get your money back. With enough evidence, you can do a card chargeback through your bank.

However, this depends on the situation and whether your bank supports chargebacks at all.

If every evidence you provide holds up and the bank decides that you deserve to get your money back, they approve the chargeback.

Remember, by doing this, you’re directly taking the money away from the content creator. OnlyFans does not cover these chargebacks.

Additionally, using a chargeback might also lead to OnlyFans banning/deleting your account forever. So, you’ll lose any other subscription you might have on the site.

Canceling OnlyFans Subscription

Since getting a refund from OnlyFans is almost impossible, we recommend canceling the subscription as soon as possible. Do this, so you don’t get charged again.

Here’s how you can cancel a subscription:

  1. Log in to your OnlyFans account.
  2. Search for the content creator you want to unsubscribe from and click on their profile.
  3. Here you will be able to disable the Auto-Renew option.

Delete Your OnlyFans Account To Cancel Subscription Renewals

If you don’t care about your OnlyFans account anymore and you just want to get rid of all subscriptions, we recommend deleting the account altogether.

Do this by heading over to Settings then into Delete Account. Once you confirm your selection, you should get a captcha as a last safety check, and then you’ll get a confirmation that your account has been successfully deleted.

Final Words

That’s about all you can do in terms of getting OnlyFans refunds. Our advice is to avoid subscribing to unknown content creators so you don’t get into these kinds of situations again.