buy discord nitro using apple gift card

Do you want to buy Discord Nitro using an Apple gift card? Well, we’ve got you covered.

You may find that you’ve been given an Apple gift card and you would like to purchase Nitro with it for your Discord account.

There are numerous benefits to having Discord Nitro, you can:

  • Boost servers.
  • Upload bigger files.
  • Access more emojis.

And many more.

Let’s get right into this!

Purchase Discord Nitro directly with an Apple gift card

Here is the first method where we will explain how you can directly purchase Discord Nitro with an Apple gift card.

1. Redeem your Apple gift card

Unless you already have redeemed your gift card or have some credit on your Apple ID, the first thing you need to do is redeem your Apple gift card on your Apple ID.

So, you need to open the App Store app on your iOS device. By default, it should be on the home screen of your device, unless you have moved it elsewhere.

After you have opened the App Store, you need to tap on the Account button in the top right of your screen. The button looks like a blue silhouette of a single person.

account button in top right of app store 1

Now, you should be on the Account page.

If you already have some credit from a previous Apple gift card you will be able to see your balance on this screen.

But, if you need to redeem another, you need to tap on “Redeem Gift Card or Code”.

app store credit and redeem gift card button

You can choose if you would like to redeem your gift card using your device’s camera and scanning the code, or alternatively you can the code manually by typing it in.

redeem gift card with camera or enter code manually

Make your choice and redeem your gift card.

After you have redeemed your gift card, you can come back to the Account page and check your credit balance.

It will have be by the value of the gift card you just redeemed.

2. Open the Discord app

Next, you need to open the Discord app on your iOS device. If you don’t already have it, then open up the App Store again and search for “Discord“.

You must use the Discord app to follow this guide. Otherwise, it won’t work.

It’s important that you make sure you are logged in to the right Discord account. Otherwise, you may purchase Nitro for the wrong account.

3. Go to your Discord profile

Now, you need to navigate to your Discord profile.

So, tap on your profile in the bottom right of the navigation bar.

profile button in discord navigation bar

Once you are viewing your Profile page, you need to scroll down until you see the section titled “Billing Settings”.

In this section, there will be an option for “Get Nitro”. Tap on it.

get nitro button in discord billing settings

4. Purchase Discord Nitro using an Apple gift card

Now, Discord will explain the different types of Nitro you can subscribe to. At the moment, there is normal Nitro, and Nitro Classic.

You should read through the features of each of them before deciding which one to purchase. Normal Nitro does have more features, but at a higher cost.

Once you have decided, you need to tap on the Subscribe button for the type of Nitro you want to subscribe to.

After choosing the type of Nitro, you will be asked to choose a plan. Depending upon the type of Nitro you have picked, there are different plans to choose from.

The main difference between the plans is the number of servers you can boost.

So, make your decision, and tap on the plan you would like.

You will be offered to subscribe yearly with a discount, so if you think you will use Nitro for a year, it’s worth doing. Tap on the option you would like.

subscribe to nitro yearly or monthly

Then, Apple Pay will launch and you can make your purchase.

It’s important that the subscription you have picked is less than the amount of credit you have on your Apple ID as well.

You may be confused about how you can pay using your gift card credit.

How it works is Apple will use your store credit before they charge your card, so as long as the total purchase amount is less than the amount of store credit you have, you can buy Nitro with your Apple gift card credit.

Read through the information on the Apple Pay menu and follow the instructions on how you need to confirm your payment.

apple pay menu for discord nitro

It will take a few seconds for your payment to process and then you will have Nitro!

Remember, Discord Nitro is a subscription, so you will need to make sure you have enough credit to pay for the next payment.

Otherwise, your card will be charged unless you cancel it beforehand.

How to cancel Discord Nitro subscription on your iPhone

If you subscribed to Discord Nitro on your iPhone, then you will need to cancel it in the App Store.

Here’s how!

1. Open the App Store

Firstly, you need to open the App Store.

By default, it should be on the home screen on your phone.

2. Navigate to the Subscriptions page

Secondly, you need to navigate to the Subscriptions page in the App Store.

To get there, you first need to go to the Account page.

So, tap on the blue silhouette of a single person in the top right.

account button in top right of app store 2

Then, you can tap on the option for “Subscriptions”.

subscriptions button on account page on app store

3. Cancel Discord Nitro

Now, you will see all of the active and inactive subscriptions on your Apple ID.

You need to find your Discord Nitro subscription and tap on it.

There will be a button to cancel it.

But, you can keep using Discord Nitro until the subscription ends which is when the next billing date was meant to be.

Final words

Instead of redeeming your Apple gift card, you could instead sell it, and then use the money from the sale to pay for Nitro as well.

We hope you managed to subscribe to Discord Nitro using an Apple gift card.

You may find our guide on how to buy Robux with an Apple gift card useful as well!

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