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Are you trying to pin a comment on a TikTok live? If so, this guide will explain exactly how!

It’s useful to pin a comment or message on a TikTok live because you may have a message you want to share with everyone who joins the live. So, we will show you how to do this!

Lets get right in to this!

1. Go live on TikTok

Firstly, you need to go live on TikTok.

So, tap on the Create button in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom of TikTok.

create button on tiktok navigation

This will launch the TikTok camera.

At the bottom of your screen, there will be a carousel of options. You will need to scroll along until “Live” is selected.

carousel option for live on tiktok

Then, you can title your live if you would like, and you can also add effects or enhancements.

When you are ready, you can tap on the red “Go Live” button.

go live red button on tiktok

Now, you will be broadcasting live to TikTok!

2. Wait for a viewer to join

Next, you need to wait for a viewer to join.

When you go live on TikTok, your followers will be notified, so it may take a minute or two for them to start joining.

However, if you don’t have many followers or they don’t seem to be joining, you should ask a friend to join your live.

Alternatively, if you have another device, you can create another TikTok account and join your live with it if no-body joins.

You can move on to the next step once you have one viewer watching your live.

3. Pin a comment

Once a viewer has joined your live, you will need to ask them to wait for them to leave a comment.

This will show that they are active and participating.

If you want a certain message pinned to your live, you will need to to ask a viewer to ask a question.

From your viewers perspective, they will need to tap on “Q&A” at the bottom of the screen, next to the “Add a Comment” button.

Alternatively, you can use another device with a different TikTok account to ask a question.

q&a option for tiktok viewers

Then, the viewer will be able to ask a question.

ask a question on tiktok

Next, the viewer will need to type in the question box what you want the message to say. For example, we made our pinned comment “Check out the link”.

Once the viewer has sent the question, you will be notified in the chat, that a question has been sent.

question asked by viewer on tiktok

Next to the question, there is a pin icon. Tap on it.

pin comment on tiktok live

You will need to confirm you are ready to answer the question.

As you can see, the question is now in a white box pinned at the bottom of the live. All of your viewers will be able to see this, so it’s a great way to broadcast your message.

The question will remain there until you change it, so you can keep it pinned there.

comment pinned on tiktok

However, if you don’t get a notification, you will need to manually find the question.

You need to tap on “Interact” with the speech bubble above it and then the Interaction menu will launch.

interact button on tiktok live

Now, you need to tap on “Q&A”.

interact menu on tiktok

You will see all of the questions that have been asked on this live, and you can select one.

The question you select will be pinned at the bottom of the live.

Change the pinned comment

Of course, you can change what question is pinned as well.

So, if you want a different question or comment pinned, you will need to ask a viewer to submit another.

Can you pin comments on TikTok live?

The best way to pin comments on TikTok live is to get a viewer or, a second account of yours to ask a question using the Q&A feature. You can tell them or write the question as a comment. It doesn’t have to be a question. It can just be a comment written in the question box. Then, you can pin the question!

How do you pin a comment on someone’s TikTok live?

The only person who can pin a comment on a TikTok live is the host of the live. The best way to pin a comment on a live, is to ask a question using the Q&A feature. However, a comment can be written in the question box, it doesn’t actually have to be a question. Then, the question can be left on the screen and pinned!

Final words

Now you know how to pin a comment on a TikTok live!

This is currently the best way to pin a comment on a live.

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