text someone who blocked you

Are you trying to text someone who blocked your number?

In this we explain some methods of contacting someone who has blocked you.

Of course, make sure you are NOT harassing someone.

This guide is for if someone has blocked you by mistake or if you need to contact them in an emergency.

Lets get right in to this!

1. Use Google Voice

Google Voice is an online platform where you can make and receive calls and texts. You can use this on a web browser, and there is also an app as well.

For some calls within the United States and Canada, Google Voice is free. But for some numbers, you may be charged.

Also, according to Alphr, if you use Google Voice on your phone, then your calls will be made on your carrier’s network. If you want to use any of the paid services offered by Voice, you can add credit to your account in the main menu on the landing page.

If you don’t want to leave the house then this is a great way to make a call.

2. Purchase a New SIM Card

This is a very easy option.

All you need to do is go to your local shop and look for a prepaid sim card or if you’re in the UK, look for a “pay as you go” sim card.

Next, you need to load some credit on to it if you want to ring or text. You may not need to add any credit or funds if you call via FaceTime or WhatsApp, though.

Then you can insert the SIM card in to your phone.

Some modern phones allow you to insert multiple SIM cards at once.

This is called a “dual sim” phone.

This means that you can continue to use your main SIM card as well, so you can continue to receive calls and texts to your main phone number.

3. Use Someone Else’s Phone

If it’s an emergency situation, the quickest way may be to use someone else’s phone.

For example, you could ask a family member or friend.

All you then need to do is get the person’s number you are trying to call and input it in to the phone which you’re not blocked on.

An advantage about this method is most likely it will be free, unless the person you borrow the phone from wants payment.

Then you can ring, and get in contact with the person who has blocked you.

4. Use Skype

You may have heard of Skype as an alternative to FaceTime.

But Skype does have a phone feature as well.

Skype has a few different options for when you want to make a call.

Our favorite option is Skype credit. This is essentially a prepaid account.

All you need to do is add some money to your account, and then you can make your call. You won’t be able to send a text message on Skype, but you can call which is a great alternative. If you really need the text ability, then Google Voice may be the better choice.

Also, if you plan to use Skype calls regularly, you can purchase a subscription and get “unlimited minutes”.

So you can choose an option for whichever meets your needs.

5. Use a Pay Phone

This is quite an old fashioned way, but an easy way.

Also, this will only work if you want to ring the individual you are trying to get in contact with.

Make sure you have some physical money. Most pay phones will only take coins, so you may need to exchange a note for coins if you don’t have many.

Then, you need to locate the phone number of the person you are trying to call and type it in to the pay phone.

Now you can make the call and get in contact with the individual.


In conclusion, the ways we have suggested for texting someone who has blocked you are:

  • To use Google Voice
  • To purchase a new SIM card
  • To borrow someone else’s phone
  • To use Skype
  • To go and find a pay phone

Our favorite method is probably Google Voice if you want something online. It’s better than Skype because it has the text function. However, our second favourite is to buy a new SIM card because it’s easier than having to go and locate a pay phone.

Like we said earlier, ensure you are not harassing anyone by doing this. This is meant for an emergency situation, or if someone blocked you by mistake.

We hope you found one of these useful.

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