user is inactive on onlyfans

You may experience the “User Is Inactive” message on OnlyFans as a creator or when you’re trying to subscribe to a creator as well.

According to Statista, the highest earning creator on OnlyFans made over $20 million in U.S. dollars in 2021.

The “User Is Inactive” message will be experienced when the creator hasn’t posted at least once in a month. When the account is marked as inactive, users will not be able to subscribe to the account. The OnlyFans system will automatically mark your account. You can remove the mark.

Lets get in to this in more depth and how you can fix it.

What does “User Is Inactive” on OnlyFans mean?

You will see the “User Is Inactive” mark on an OnlyFans profile if the creator has not posted at least once in a month.

This is to protect new users from signing up and not seeing any new content from the creator.

OnlyFans has a system which automatically flags and marks inactive accounts.

How to fix “User Is Inactive” on OnlyFans

In order to fix the issue, here are the steps you need to take.

1. Log in to your OnlyFans account

Firstly, sign in to your account as you normally would.

2. Post content to your account

Next, you need to post content to your OnlyFans page.

OnlyFans make accounts inactive when there hasn’t been a post in the last month.

It protects new users who want to subscribe as there will not be any new content for them to see.

3. The “User Is Inactive” will be removed

As soon as you post content to your profile, OnlyFans will automatically remove the mark and users can subscribe to your account again.

This is an automatic system, so there does not need to be a review.

What else may cause the “User Is Inactive” mark on OnlyFans?

After doing some thorough research, we have found out that if you are getting the “User Is Inactive” message, it may be because you are in a location which has been blocked by the creator.

To see if this is the case, you should consider trying a VPN.

There are free and paid VPN options you can try.

If you are still getting the issue with a VPN, then this confirms the message or mark is appearing because the user has not been posting or hasn’t posted in the last month at least.

Can you bypass “User Is Inactive” on OnlyFans?

Unfortunenately, you cannot bypass the user is inactive message.

It’s understandable that some users want to look at content which creators have posted before, but OnlyFans won’t let new users subscribe is the creator is inactive.

OnlyFans does this purposefully to encourage the creator to start posting, as once the user has seen the old content, they will want to see new content and if the creator is not posting any, then the user will unsubscribe.

This then loses OnlyFans revenue, as we explain in more depth in the next section.

Why does it matter if a user is inactive on OnlyFans?

It is important that creators remain active on OnlyFans because users are paying to see their content.

If users don’t see much content, then they may unsubscribe.

OnlyFans takes a commission or cut from their creators in order to run their business.

So, if users begin to unsubscribe, OnlyFans will make less revenue.

Therefore, OnlyFans incentivizes creators to post regularly, or at least once a month.

They encourage creators to keep creating regularly as otherwise, creators won’t be able to get any new users subscribing to them, so creators earn less revenue as well.

How much commission OnlyFans takes from creators

On that note, we thought we would include how much commission or what percentage OnlyFans takes from the creators on the platform and why they can do it.

What percentage do OnlyFans take from creators?

OnlyFans takes 20% from all user transactions.

This includes subscription revenue, tips, and all other earnings from the platform as well.

Why can OnlyFans take a commission?

OnlyFans can take a commission because of the service they provide.

They manage all of the payments, hosting the content and allowing users to create accounts and so on.

Therefore, creators stick with OnlyFans because they have a good platform which allows the creator to run their business on.


You now know what the “User Is Inactive” mark or message means on OnlyFans.

The best way to fix this, is for the creator to post at least once a month.

You cannot bypass the message to subscribe in order to look at old content.

The only way to subscribe to someone whose account has been marked as inactive is for them to post again.

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