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A lot of people worry that OnlyFans may send you a letter in the mail and someone at their home could potentially see it. Well, we will explain this fully in this post.

According to Statista, as of December 2020, there were over 85 million users registered on OnlyFans.

We have fully researched this question and we will now share our findings with you!

OnlyFans will send mail to your house once you have earned over $600 U.S. dollars as a creator. OnlyFans will send you a 1099 IRS tax form to complete. If you’re just a subscriber on OnlyFans, you will not receive any mail.

Does OnlyFans send creators mail?

OnlyFans do send creators mail.

OnlyFans creators will receive a 1099 IRS tax form.

Essentially, this tax form is when you receive income from someone or a business that typically is not your employer.

You will need to report payments you received during the tax year from OnlyFans.

The 1099 form will be sent to the address you provided on W9 tax form which you first provided when you signed up to OnlyFans.

The W9 tax form provides OnlyFans with all the information needed to pay you and tax information as well.

However, OnlyFans does not post the W9 form to you.

You would have filled out the W9 form online when you first signed up, as we just said.

Can you stop OnlyFans from sending you mail?

No, you cannot stop OnlyFans from sending you mail because you have to pay tax. So OnlyFans have to send you the tax forms to the address which you listed on the W9 form.

OnlyFans say this on their “U.S. Creator Tax Forms” FAQ page:

“Creators in the United States will receive an IRS Form 1099 if they have earned and withdrawn more than $600 USD in the previous tax year. The 1099 form will be sent in the mail to the address on your W-9 form. If your address changes, be sure to update your W-9 form with the new address to ensure you receive your tax documents. A digital copy of your 1099 form can be downloaded from your Banking page.” 

However, you could create a PO box address.

A PO box is an address where you can have mail sent. You will need to register with the owner though, before getting mail sent there as each PO box has a different number on it to identify the mail for the receiving box and person.

We researched if it’s allowed to use a PO box address on a W9 form and it seems like it is!

So you need to make sure the PO box address is on your W9 form, so OnlyFans knows that you want tax forms sent to that address.

Make sure you do it in plenty of time, as well, so they definitely know your address has been updated.

Unfortunately, a PO box will cost you money. But, if you really don’t want to have mail to do with OnlyFans delivered to your address, then it’s probably the best way to avoid it.

Does OnlyFans send subscribers mail?

OnlyFans will not send subscribers any mail to their house because there is no documentation or tax documents needed to be sent.

Also, OnlyFans will send you an email when you first sign up to the website to verify your email address.

You can delete the email after you have verified your account.

It’s a lot easier to delete an email than mail, unfortunately!

Something else to consider is, is that OnlyFans will show up on your bank statement.

However, there are a few ways to avoid OnlyFans being on your bank statement.

But, if you are still worried about people finding out you have an OnlyFans account, then consider that OnlyFans does show on your bank statement. We explained what it will look like.

We have written a full article on how it will look, which we linked above.

1. Use a virtual prepaid card

You can use a virtual prepaid card from a platform such as Skrill.

How does this work?

Well, you will need to deposit money on to Skrill by doing a bank transfer or making a card payment.

Then, you can generate a prepaid card and spend the funds you have on your Skrill account.

They will provide you with all the information a normal credit card would have (card number, expiry date, CCV).

2. Use a spare credit/debit card

A lot of people have a spare credit or debit card they can use, or even a personal card.

If you don’t want others seeing that you have made a purchase from OnlyFans, it’s best to use one.

The best option is to use a virtual prepaid card though, as they’re very quick and easy to setup.


In conclusion, OnlyFans will send mail to the address you entered on your W9 form when you have earned and withdrawn $600 U.S. dollars.

However, you can rent a PO box address and get the 1099 tax form sent there.

OnlyFans will also appear on your bank statement and you will receive an email from them too.

We hope we answered your question of “Will OnlyFans send me mail” in this post!

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