use apple pay on roblox

Do you want to use Apple Pay on Roblox? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Apple Pay is a quick way to make purchases, so it’s understandable that you want to use it on Roblox.

We will explain the exact steps you need to follow to use it.

Let’s get right into this!

Method 1: Purchase Robux on the Roblox app with Apple Pay

The first method we will explain will involve using the Roblox app on your Apple device.

1. Open the Roblox app

Firstly, you need to open the Roblox app.

If you don’t already have the Roblox on your device, then open the App Store and tap on the Search button in the bottom navigation bar of TikTok.

app store search button

Then, you can search for “Roblox” and download it.

It’s important that you use the Roblox app.

This first method won’t work using Roblox in your web browser.

Once you have downloaded Roblox, open the app and log in to the account that you want to purchase Robux on.

2. Purchase some Robux

Now, you can start the process of purchasing your Robux.

So, tap on the Robux icon in the top right of the app. The button is in between two others.

robux icon in top right of roblox

You will get taken to a page where you can choose how much Robux you would like to buy.

Also, at the top of the screen, you can see your current Robux balance as well which is useful.

So, you need to tap on the amount of Robux you would like to purchase.

robux packages on roblox

3. Purchase your Robux using Apple Pay

Once you have tapped on the amount of Robux you would like to purchase, Apple Pay will slide up.

apple pay menu on roblox

At the top of the Apple Pay menu, you will be able to select the credit/debit card you would like to use.

The next section in the menu will show you what you are purchasing. In our case, it’s 80 Robux.

Then, it will tell you what Apple ID you are purchasing it with, and the total price as well.

If you are sure you want to make your purchase, you need to confirm with the side button on your phone.

After doing this, it will take a few seconds to process, and then your Robux will be added to your account and your chosen payment method will be charged!

You have now successfully bought Robux using Apple Pay.

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Method 2: Purchase a Roblox gift card using Apple Pay

Alternatively, if you would rather not use the Roblox app, you can purchase a Roblox gift card using Apple Pay and then redeem it on to Roblox and buy Robux, or Premium.

1. Go to a gift card marketplace

The first thing you need to do is go to a gift card marketplace.

We will use in this article.

2. Find a Roblox gift card

So, go to Dundle and search for “Roblox” and tap on one of the results.

roblox gift card credit on dundle

Next, you need to choose the value of the gift card or credit you would like to buy.

3. Purchase a Roblox gift card using Apple Pay

Then, tap on “Buy now” and continue to the checkout.

roblox gift card on dundle

You will be asked to enter an email for your gift card to be delivered to.

Now, you will need to select a payment method you would like to use. You need to scroll down until you see the option for Apple Pay.

Once you see it, tap on it and then tap on “Checkout”.

apple pay option to pay on dundle for roblox

You will then be able to complete your purchase with Apple Pay.

Your Roblox gift card will be emailed to you. It also may appear on your screen as well.

4. Redeem your Roblox gift card

Once you have purchased your Roblox gift card and you have the code, you need to redeem it.

So, you need to go to, and here you can enter your gift card and redeem it.

The credit will then be added to your account.

5. Purchase Robux with credit

Now that you have some credit on your Roblox account, you can use it to purchase Robux.

All you need to do is start the process of purchasing Robux as you usually would and once you get to the payment page, you will be able to use your Roblox credit.

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Final words

We hope you managed to buy some Robux using Apple Pay!

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